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Patented Design

Unique Design, Tested Durability

SnapNStrut pipe hangers and supports offer better performance and versatility than most other plastic pipe hangers on the market.

Tested for greater loads and extreme temperatures, SnapNStrut hangers and supports are engineered for high strength using high temperature nylon resin that can exceed working temperatures of 250°F and are non-metallic, corrosion & chemical resistant (including Freon and Ammonia) making SnapNStrut hangers the ideal choice for plumbing and electrical projects. Polypropylene is used for lighter duty applications and special corrosion conditions.

Adjustable O.D & Multi Use Applications

Each SnapNStrut P hanger is threaded to receive a rod and each can be snapped into a strut. Handy-Snap hangers possess two receptacles for screw mounting to a flat surface (i.e., walls, beams, flat side of strut or machinery) while automatically positioning pipe center-line to allow space for fittings.

Each hanger accommodates several different sizes and all types of pipe, conduit and tubing. Versatile hangers for many different jobs means less inventory to worry about and quicker completed projects.

SnapNStrut Pipe Hangers


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SnapNStrut™ Technology

UV Resistant

The SnapnStrut line of pipe hangers is produced from a high-performance, UV stabilized 6/6 nylon resin possessing exceptional long term stress resistance and chemical stability over a wide range of temperatures. We offer polypropylene as a standard option.

Higher Loads & Temperatures

Produced from a specialty engineered, high strength, high temperature nylon resin, the SnapnStrut pipe hangers allow for larger factors of safety: at 250°F, working temperatures and for intermediate temperatures up to 480°F. For refrigeration, allowable working temperatures down to -70°F. 

Adjustable & Versitile

The hinged, snap-on lock arm adjusts for pipe O.D. variations, affording each hanger the ability to accommodate several different pipe sizes. The pipe is nestled in a snug fit without any crimping of its wall.

Vibration Absorbent

The nature of the nylon material utilized, combined with the uniquely engineered design, absorbs vibration and acts as a cushion between the piping and its supporting structure. Click here for vibration reports.

Self-Gripping Mechanism

When used in a strut, the upper and lower engagement plates are designed to grip the strut and restrain lateral movement along its length.

No Nuts Required

When used in a strut, SnapnStrut P pipe support hangers are self gripping. When used on a rod, the hanger itself is threaded onto the rod. When the pipe is inserted into the hanger, the hanger can no longer turn. Thus, even the need for a lock nut is eliminated.

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Plumbers & Electricians

Get discounts on popular sizes such as 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 1 inch (EMT) Schedule 40 and 80 pipe.

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SnapNStrut™ Plastic Pipe Hangers
  • 100% USA Made

    Manufactured & shipped from our warehouse in Beloit, WI to ensure quality strict expectations.

  • Nylon is Standard

    Heavy duty nylon is standard option. Polypropylene is used for lighter duty applications and special corrosion conditions.

  • UL Listed

    Some sizes and materials are UL listed for flame, thermal, and support properties. Also rated for air returns and plenums.

  • Greater Loads

    SnapNStrut hangers have large safety factors.

  • Thermal Properties

    SnapNStrut hangers can handle extreme temperatures between -70°F and 480°F

  • Adjustability

    Different size pipes can be nestled together for a snug fit

  • Corrosion-Proof

    With our non-metallic design, there is no need to isolate copper tubing

  • Absorbs Vibration

    and acts as a cushion between the piping and its supports.

  • UV Rated

    Black, white, and grey nylon parts can be used in direct sunlight outdoors or on rooftops

  • MSS SP-58

    Meets the engineering requirements of SP-58 (see Resources tab)

  • Self Gripping

    Designed to grip the strut and prevent lateral movement and faster installs.

  • Versatile

    hangers for many different types of jobs means less inventory to worry about.

  • No Hardware Required

    SnapNStrut hangers are self-gripping. Just pinch together!

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Variety of sizes. Great choice for Schedule 40, 80, copper pipes, conduit and more.

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A leading manufacturer and supplier of America's top quality pipe hangers and supports. Patented design, Trusted by professionals, SnapNStrut™ nylon pipe hangers are the solution for quick, easy, and secure pipe installations.



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